Sioux Falls


Player Roster, Waiver and Release Forms:

  • Roster forms and the waiver forms must be completed prior to a team’s first game.
    • As of 2018, all waivers and roster completion will be handled by the league’s website.
    • Any exceptions to this rule must be cleared by the board.
    • Failure to complete these forms after the start of the season will result in a team forfeiting all scheduled games until one is completed.
  • Any manager can be suspended under league suspension rules for violating roster rules. **Revised in 2020**
    • This includes playing players who have not signed a waiver.
    • This replaces a rule that stated any manager playing invalid players results in forfeits.
  • After July 15th, players added to rosters will not be playoff roster eligible.
    • Hardship cases will be handled on a individual basis, however a $25 administrative fee will be charged.
  • Players are able to play multiple nights. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday players can be rostered on a secondary team on any other night. Thursday players can be rostered as as secondary player with the following limits.
    • Wednesday teams can play 3-Thursday players as secondary players at one time.
    • Tuesday teams can play 2-Thursday players USA rated D or lower as secondary players at one time.
    • Monday teams can play 1-Thursday player USA rated D or lower as a secondary player at one time.
    • Secondary players do not count as rostered players for State and National Tournaments.
    • All rosters for adding/dropping Thursday players will lock on July 15th.
  • With the new player databases and easy access to rosters, any player caught playing more than 2 nights or attempting to circumvent these rules will face suspension.
  • Players will be allowed to switch teams under the following conditions:
    • Prior to July 15th, a player must have the League Board of Director’s approval.
    • No player will be allowed to switch teams with less than 3 weeks prior to end of league play.
    • Players who fail to follow these rules will be considered ineligible to play for any team until all conditions have been met.
    • Any player in violation of these rules regarding switching could be subjected to a 1-year suspension and the team will forfeit all games in which the player was involved.
  • Players under 18 years of age may play in this league provided a parent or guardian has signed the waiver release form.
    • No exceptions will be made.
  • Females can not be on Summer League rosters or play for Summer League teams.
    • Females are, however, allowed to play in our Fall League.
    • Females are also allowed to play in our over 50 senior league.


  • All games will start at the times printed on the schedule.  If a team is not ready at the scheduled time, the result will be a forfeit.
    • However, starting games earlier then scheduled is acceptable provided the field is available, the umpires are present and the teams have agreed to play.
    • Teams can start with 8 dressed players no later than 5 minutes after the scheduled game time.  10 rostered players make up a full team. **Revised 2023**
      • Tardy players can insert into the line up with umpire’s permission.
      • Empty spots in the line up must be placed at the bottom of the line up.
      • If 9 players are dressed and playing, the 10th spot on the card will be an out if no rostered player is present for that at bat.
  • The scorecard must contain full names and numbers of all players available to play in the game and must be signed by the managers and umpires.
    • The person signing the scorecard is the only team member able to discuss a play call or rule interpretation with an umpire.
    • It is the team manager’s responsibility to obtain and return the scorecard to the umpire prior to game time.
  • Teams that wish to protest or challenge the validity of a player on a roster prior to the start of any game, must do so with a league board member.  The challenged teams online roster will be referenced for the player.  If the player is not found on the current roster:
    • That player will be removed from the game.
    • The manager could face suspension.
    • If the team does not have enough players to play, the game will result in forfeit.
  • Teams that wish to protest or challenge the validity of a player on a roster after the completion of any game must do so with the a league board member within 24 hours of the completion of the game. **Revised in 2020**
    • Players and managers in cases where challenged cards are found to be invalid will face suspension.
    • No longer will games forced into forfeits.
  • All teams must keep an official score book, the home team will be the official scorer.   The team in the dugout with scoreboard controls must keep the board current.
  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights will have a timed gamed of 55 minutes per game plus one inning or 7 innings; whichever happens first.
    • If the 55 minute timed game has been reached, the umpire will signal that the current inning will be completed and then one more played.
    • Tied games will still go to extra innings until there is a winner as normal.
  • The run rules for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday summer league will be as follows:
    • 15-runs after 3 innings
    • 10-runs after 5 innings
  • The run rules for Thursday summer league will be as follows:
    • 20-runs after 3 innings
    • 15-runs after 4 innings
    • 10-runs after 5 innings
  • The home run rule for Summer League play is as follows (this is for both upper and lower):
    • Monday – 2
    • Tuesday – 3
    • Wednesday – 4
    • Thursday’s (updated 2022)
      • Lower vs Lower – 5
      • Lower vs Upper – Lower 8 / Upper 6
      • Upper vs Upper – 6
  • All home runs after the allotted amount will be ruled as an out.
  • Any rostered player may be substituted as a courtesy runner once per inning per team. If the pinch runner were to come up in the line up while on base, at out will be assigned.
  • Pitcher Pinch Runner Rule
    Sioux Falls Men’s Slow Pitch league wants to promote pitcher safety without slowing down the game.  This allows the pitcher to require ample time to put on safety gear while allowing a courtesy runner for the pitcher during the game.
    • A pitcher has the option to allow for a courtesy runner to help promote safety and maintain proper game management time
    • If a courtesy runner is due up to bat and is courtesy running for the pitcher, the out will be recorded.  Same rule applies as a courtesy runner rule in the South Dakota Slowpitch Softball courtesy runner rule.
    • A pitcher will be allowed to be a courtesy runner for only if the pitcher does wear protective gear.  Protective gear is classified as one of the following: a helmet, facemask, shin guards, or chest protector.
      • Umpires may deny the allowed courtesy runner if the pitcher is abusing the courtesy runner rule by not honoring the speed of the game and proceeding to put on safety gear.
        • A warning will be given for the 1st offense.
        • A second violation will result in loss of courtesy runner rule and subject to being asked to leave the game for the remainder of the game.
      • If the pitcher does not wear safety gear, the courtesy runner rule will not be allowed or in effect.
  • Ejections
    • If a player is ejected during the game, that player must leave the complex for the remainder of the game.
    • If a player is ejected for the night, the same rule applies as they must exit the complex for the remainder of the night.
    • An umpire must write up and ejection report with as much detail as possible to provide written statement of what caused the ejection.  This ejection report will be reviewed by the board and any disciplinary action will be communicated with the umps and player(s).

Uniforms & Equipment

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night teams must wear matching shirts to play.
  • Thursday night teams must wear full matching uniforms.
    • Matching shirts and pants/shorts constitute a full uniform.
    • All shorts must match and all pants must match, however shorts and pants may be mixed.
    • The pants must all match each other and the shorts must all match each other.
  • All shirts must have numbers, no two shirts may have the same number.
    • Once a players name and shirt number have been placed on the scorecard no other player may wear that number during the game.
    • Doing so will cause the ejection of the player and his manager.
  • Each team will be allowed to use a Uniform Waiver Form for a maximum of  3 times throughout the season.  If a team needs to use a Uniform Waiver form the   following process must be completed:
    • The manager of the team will receive 3 Uniform Waiver forms at the beginning of the season
    • The manager must then have a league officer or umpire sign the Uniform Waiver prior to the completion of the first inning.  The waiver will be good for the entire night and for that night only.
  • If a team is in violation of the Uniform rule outlined above and does not have the Uniform Waiver form signed, a forfeit will be posted by that team regardless of  the number of players available.  It is the opposing team’s responsibility to register the protest with the umpire prior to the beginning of the game.  Once the game has started, teams will be allowed to finish the game and the results will stand.
  • Players who show up late for game without the uniform will not be allowed to enter the game until the proper uniform is obtained.
    • Umpires will prevent the player from entering a game, however, in the event that an umpire does not, it is the responsibility of the opposing team to register an immediate protest.
    • Players will not be allowed to switch uniforms.
  • The final warning regarding uniforms will be given at the last league meeting prior to the beginning of the season.  Any team or player not in compliance with the uniform rule will not be allowed to play in the league, no exceptions.
  • It is recommended that no jewelry be worn while playing.
  • All equipment must be USA or league approved.
  • No steel spikes nor steel tipped spikes may be worn for league play.
  • It is recommended that each team carry a complete first aid kit.
    • Blood rules are in effect.
      • Players who are bleeding will be required to leave the game until the wound is covered.
  • The official bat in USA Championship Play must meet all of the requirements of USA Rule 3, Section 1 and:
    • Must bear either the USA approved 2020 certification mark or the USA 2020 certification mark, and must not be listed on an USA non-approved list, and must be included on a list of approved bat models published by the USA National Office; or must, in the sole opinion and discretion of the umpire, have been manufactured prior to 2000 and if tested, would comply with the USA bat performance standards then in effect.
    • All titanium bats are illegal in the Sioux Falls Men’s Slow pitch league, both summer and fall.
    • All bats will be provided a sticker that must be present on the bats at all times in league play.  Any bat without a sticker, regardless of compliance or not,  will not be allowed in the game.  Stickers will be made available.
    • Teams caught using illegal bats will be subject to sever penalties including but not limited to ejection from league, forfeit of games, fines, time suspension and/or any combination of the previous.
    • Random USA compression bat tests will be conducted by the UIC’s throughout the season.
    • Anyone wishing to file a protest towards a bat must present a $50 fee to the board. If that bat passes our compression tester, the $50 fee is forfeited. If the bat doesn’t pass the tester, the sticker will be removed from the bat and the $50 fee will be returned to the protester.
  • Balls
    • The official ball for the league is the Dudley, .52 core, 300 pound compression optical yellow, synthetic leather ball.  NO SUBSTITUTES.
    • Each team Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be provided 12 of the league balls at the beginning of the season.  Thursday night teams will be provided 18 balls.  Fall league teams will be given 6 balls.
    • Teams will provide all balls for the game.  Umpires will determine the play-ability of each ball.
    • Teams will provide a game ball to the opposing pitcher prior to the start of the inning they are scheduled to bat.  Teams will also be responsible to supply a ball should the game ball be hit out of play as the result of a home run or foul.
    • Once a ball is provided and put into play, no new ball can be substituted unless the ball is knocked out of play, hit over the fence, or deemed unplayable by an umpire.
    • Teams who do not supply a ball during a game, will result in a forfeit for that game.

Beginning January 1, 2004, all bats in USA Championship Play must pass the USA 2004 bat standard. All bats having the 2004 certification mark will be allowed in USA Championship Play. Bats that have the 2000 certification mark will not be allowed in USA Championship Play unless they are listed on an approved bat list on the USA website. For convenience, the ASA website has a listing of bats that do not pass the USA 2004 bat standard.

2004 and Beyond Approved Bats (Updated:4/2/2009)

For a list of bats that have been tested and found to comply with the USA bat performance standards, and therefore are authorized to bear the USA 2004 certification mark and/or are authorized for use in USA Championship Play beginning January 1, 2004, please click on the link below. Manufacturers continue to submit additional bat models for testing, and the USA will update this list as test results become available.

USA NON Approved Bats.

For information on which bats are illegal please see this link

The list of bats not approved are  located at the following links:

Bats no longer grandfathered in to USA softball:

The USA Softball Association (USA) no longer displays every bat made by bat manufacturers that do not comply with current USA bat standards. If you want to know what bats are approved for use in USA Championship Play, follow one of the steps below.

Check the approved list located in the drop down boxes above and search by the specific manufacturer or select all check for either the 2000 or 2004 USA Certification Mark (both depicted above) and then be sure the bat is not listed on the PDF’s above as a banned bat by USA (Note: The lists above are broken up into two PDF’s to help umpires in the NCAA and the NFHS because of their minor rule differences.

Please be sure to read the specific USA rules surrounding bats (a portion of which is located above) for a comprehensive review. Please remember that all bats that do not bear an USA certification mark remain non approved unless they were made prior to 2000 and in the sole discretion of the umpire would pass USA certification test if tested. Local USA leagues and tournaments not conducted as part of USA Championship Play may alter USA playing rules as they see fit.

The USA periodically and randomly tests samples of bat models bearing the USA approved certification mark to verify compliance with the USA bat performance standards. Below are links for press releases announcing results of compliance testing as well as FAQ’s regarding bat models withdrawn from USA Championship play until further notice. The “USA Banned Bats” link above contains the most up-to-date listing of bat models withdrawn from USA Championship play. Models placed on that list will be allowed for use in ASA Championship play if they bear the USA re-certification mark (shown in the link below).


  • Rainouts will be called as soon as possible after 4:30 pm.  The information will be posted to our voicemail at 605-215-5815.  Also, the rain-out information will posted on the website after 5 pm as well.  The city will make every effort to play including working the fields just prior to game time.  All teams should plan on playing and be at  the fields to prevent any possible forfeits.  The best bet is to count on playing.
  • Once a game has started, the umpire in chief, his designated alternate or the league director on duty will decide whether games will be continued.  Once a game has been called  for the night, all other games are considered canceled.  A game will be considered official after four innings, or if the home team is ahead after three and one half innings.  If teams are in the middle of an inning when canceled, the score will revert back to the last complete inning.  If the score is tied after the fourth inning or later, the game will be picked up where it left off.  If a game did not complete four innings, it will start over with a new coin flip,
  • Rainouts will be scheduled at the end of the season, or possibly an open Friday night throughout the season.  If it is impossible to schedule during these times the league will make every effort to reschedule these games depending on field availability.  Players and teams should note that rain out makeup games can occur on any night depending upon field availability.  Therefore teams may not necessarily play on regular playing night to make-up games.  In extreme cases, rain outs could be made up on a Saturday.

Playoffs & Championships

  • Designated teams (12 teams) will enter a single elimination playoff to determine the division champion.
  • In the event of a tie for any position the following tie breakers will be used.
    • For two teams only — head-to-head competition will determine the winner.
    • For two or more teams —
      • pooled head to head record between tied teams;
      • best winning percentage vs. all  playoff teams;
      • Average run differential for entire season;
      • A coin toss.
  • The top 4 teams (and ties) with the overall record in league play and the top finishing playoff teams will move to the next highest division in the following season.  If the league is at full capacity of teams, the bottom 2 (or possibly 3 depending upon moves from other divisions) will move to the next lowest division.  If space is available, teams may play ‘up’ on the highest night they wish to play on.
  • The League Board of  Directors holds the right to make any additional moves deemed necessary to insure equal competitive nights.  Teams will be notified at the February and March meetings of moves.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.  If your team declines to remove up, your team will be asked to truncate players down to 5 team members from the previous seasons team.  Teams may stay on the current night provided they do not have more than 5 players (regulars and subs) on the roster from the previous year.
  • Awards will be determined and presented in all divisions each year.  These awards (if individual) will not exceed the total number of players on the roster (20 players).

League Fees

  • League fees Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are for two (2) 12-game sessions for a total of 24 games.  For Thursday league fees are for a total of 30 games.  The first half of the fees are due at the February meeting and the second half at the March meeting.  Total cost for teams regarding the fees will be announced at the January Meeting.
  • Failure to pay fees by the specified date will result in loss of the teams spot in the league.
  • Teams in default for any past due fees from any other season (summer or fall) or any other league will not be allowed to play until such fees are paid.  For example, a team last fall has not paid all of the league fees.  That team will not be allowed to play in the summer until the fall league fee is paid in full.


All protests must follow USA rules.  They must be presented to a league director within 48 hours of the protested game and must be accompanied by a $25 processing fee.  This fee will be returned if the protest is upheld or if the ruling is found to be in the favor of the team making the protest.

Complex Rules

  • No glass bottles, kegs or partials will be allowed in the complex.
  • Please remind your families and fans that the complex can be a dangerous place.  Fans should only be seated in the bleacher area.  They should always be aware of   batted and overthrown balls.  Safety cannot be guaranteed anywhere on the complex. Children should be supervised at all times and not be allowed to run unattended.

Revisions in 2020

  • Revised the player roster rule where teams needed to have a player on the roster 24 hours prior, to that if someone signs a waiver before the game starts, you just need board member approval.
  • Revised the rule for forfeits for illegal line ups to show that we’re going to suspend players and managers for not following roster and waiver rules instead of immediate forfeit.
  • Revised a rule changing all players added after July 1st to any roster is not playoff roster eligible, with special exceptions.
  • Revised the rule for adding Thursday players to lock on July 1st for all divisions.
  • Revised the rule allowing females to play in the over 50 senior league.
  • Relaxed the rule allowing beer in the dugouts. As long as you’re keeping respectfully under control, you may have it in the dugout. If this is abused, the rule will be re-enforced.
  • Removed the rule forcing to winning manager to sign the scorecard, as it wasn’t being enforced or used.
  • Rainout rule revisions are still being considered, haven’t been revised yet.

The First Premier Bank/Over-Timers 50 Plus Softball League Rules in Sioux Falls.

  1. Players must have been born in the year 1972 or earlier to qualify.
  2. Games will be played at Harmodon Complex in Sioux Falls
    On Thursday nights. (Complex in great shape).
  3. Games will be played at 6:30 -7:30 -8:30
  4. **Games will be max of 7 innings. Maximum of 5 runs per inning with the open inning starting at the end of 55 minutes.
    If Game tied after the finish of the Opening Inning-Game Over.

    Open inning has no run limit. Flip Flop Rule will be mandatory at the end of the 6th inning or after 55 minutes of play.
    ****NO MATTER THE SCORE-TEAM BEHIND WILL BAT IN THE TOP OF THE OPEN INNING. 15 run rule after 5 innings will be in effect- Game Over.Games will Start on May 12th, 2022, and end on August 18th, 2022. A total of 24 games.
  5. Entry fee to the league will be $500.00 per team.
    (This includes sanction fees, pitching screens, balls, and umpires)
  6. No uniform Requirement. (A numbered Shirt is recommended)Bats rated 1.21bpf or below are allowed.
  7. 11 players may be used in the field on defense.
    Free substation allowed.  Batting order must remain the same.
    • A team may play with as few as 8 players without it being a forfeit game.
    • Any team with less than 9 batters the absent spot in the line-up will be considered an out when that batting position comes to the plate.
    • A team will only be penalized one out when the 9th and or 10th position comes to bat. (If you Have 8-When the 9th spot comes to bat that will be considered an out.
    • If you have 9 players, the 10th batter will be considered on out.
    • If a player is injured the injured player rule comes into effect and there will be no out for this injured players position.
    • Teams will be allowed to pick up a maximum of 2 players from other teams in league to play to fill a roster or get to an 11-player roster.
    • The opposing coach must agree to the pick-ups. Please be respectful of this rule
  8. All players can bat. This is highly encouraged.
  9. A player may run for another player at any time if needed.
    This includes using a runner for a batter that is unable to run to first base.
    Runner from home will start from a chalk line that will be drawn on the field as to the starting point. Also, line will be drawn 9 ft from home on the first base Line.  If the batter who has the substitute runner from home crosses that line running to first base he or she will be immediately called out.
    If the substitute runners turn comes to bat, then that substitute runner is out.  Recommend using the last out as a runner. A player can only run once an inning.
    • A player may be a substitute runner who is not in the batting line-up but must be listed as a substitute and be listed on the website as a registered player of this team.  The same rules apply to this substitute runner as listed above.
    • A Chalk Line will be in place for use by the runner coming from third.  Runner must cross this line prior to the catcher catching the ball at home plate otherwise it will be an out.  Touching home plate when coming from third will be an auto-matic out.
    • A commitment line will be 30 ft from home plate on the third base line.   Once the runner crosses that line, he or she is committed to go home.
  1. Five runs maximum per inning till the open inning then it will be unlimited runs. 15 Run Rule after 5 innings—Game over
  2. Regular ASA base running rules will be followed
  3. All batters will start with a one-one count.
  4. If a Batter walks or is intentionally walked that batter has the option of going to 1st base or he or she can stay in the batter’s box and hit.
    All runners will advance one base if needed—a runner will be sent to 1st base—Highly recommended that the runner be the last out.
  5. Pitching arch and strike zone will be the same as other slow-pitch ASA sanctioned leagues. Pitcher will be protected by a screen. The Pitcher must present the ball with one foot on the pitching rubber.  The ball must be pitched over the net (pitching from the side will not be allowed).  Any ball that is hit by a batter and hits the screens it will be a dead ball and batter will continue with the same count.  If the screen comes into play when a throw is made on a base or coming in from the outfield the ball remains live.  If the pitcher hits the screen on a pitch it is a dead ball.
  6. Three home runs per game per team. After three home runs it will be a single.
  7. A carpet or board will be used to mark the strike zone.

Amendments to Rules:  These are to clarify any question

  1. No stealing or leading off from any base. Runners on base may not leave the base until the ball crosses the plate or is hit by the bat. If the runner leaves early, he or she will be called out.
  2. Players that show up late to a game may be added to the bottom of the score card and must bat in that position for the remainder of the game.
  3. If a player is injured during the game and cannot compete and there are no substitutes to replace him or her in the line-up there is no penalty-all players will move up in the batting order.
  4. When a women is batting the use of an 11 inch ball is optional.
  5. There will be no courtesy foul——-
  6.    All other rules will follow the ASA manual and all final decisions on these rules will be made by the umpire on the field.

These rules are subject to open discussion with the league if anyone has concerns as they are stated.
The intent of this league is to keep people playing the great game of softball and to continue to have as much fun as we can.