One of our goals as a league is to improve the park that we call home. Harmodon Park has been home for SFMSP for ten seasons now and we have some projects in mind that can help improve team, fan and player experiences at the facility.

Because these projects cost money, we’re now selling SFMSP merchandise to help raise funds to complete these projects. If you have ideas on how to help raise funds for any of the projects (or have your own idea for a project) please reach out to us.

SFMSP Projects

  1. Our facility does not have a flag pole, and we’d like to remedy that. We as an organization and league want to display our colors proudly. To do so we need a flag pole installed.
  2. Canopies for fan grand stands. Harmodon park is a great place for fans to come and watch and we want to enhance that experience. We all know that in the summer it can get quite hot and the sun is brutal. Raising canopies over the stands where fans sit will help keep fans cool and protected from the sun.

Pre-Order our merchandise now: Items will be available starting championship night August 20th. Please reach out to make arrangements to pick up or ship your items if you can’t be out there that Tuesday.

Trucker Style Snap Back Hat | $20.00

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Navy Performance Athletic Tee – | $15.00

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