Sioux Falls Mens Slow Pitch 2020 COVID-19 Rules

The Mayor’s Office for the City of Sioux Falls has made it clear that the COVID-19 threat is still very real and that the best way to protect yourself is to stay home. The league and the City cannot protect you from possibly being exposed while participating in organized events. The 2020 season will look different, and that includes everyone participating and/or attending the Sioux Falls Mens Slowpitch (SFMSP) softball league events. Everyone is voluntarily making their own personal decisions to attend and participate in these events at their own risk. We are recommending that all involved protect themselves as they see fit.

All participants must sign the additional city of Sioux Falls COVID-19 Waiver.

Common Sense Rules

  1. If you are sick or not feeling well, stay home.
  2. Respect others’ personal space, and practice social distancing at all times.
  3. If you are not respecting people or the rules provided, you will be asked to leave the complex.

Game Rule Changes

  1. Umpires in 2020 will be able to safely position themselves in the field as they see fit to protect themselves and the players.
  2. Umpires won’t carry balls; teams are responsible to throw a ball into play, should a home run or foul ball occur.
  3. Social distancing rules apply to players inside the actual dugout. We encourage that all players respect and give space to each other, especially when entering and exiting the field of play. 
    1. There should be no more than 5 players in a dugout, and space behind dugouts needs to be clear of fans for the rest of the playing team to remain socially distant.
  4. Teams leaving a dugout will be provided time to leave their dugout clean of trash and debris. Teams entering a dugout must wait until the exiting team has completely exited the dugout. Upon entering the dugout, we encourage teams to take time to sanitize the dugout to meet their needs. SFSMP will make all efforts to provide sanitizing wipes.
    1. Teams exiting the dugout are responsible for cleaning up trash after their game.
  5. There will be no post-game handshakes. All unnecessary person-to-person contact will be considered a violation of social distancing rules. Please always respect every individual’s personal space.
  6. For the 2020 season, TWO waivers are required per player – one for SFMSP and one for the City of Sioux Falls. Both player waivers must be signed prior to playing in 2020.
  7. Stolen bases will be disallowed (at least to start the 2020 season) to allow catchers to position themselves safely.
  8. Regarding coin flips, only one person per team will be allowed to stand with the umpire; all individuals must maintain 6 feet of distance during the coin toss.
  9. Umpires will record line-ups on line-up cards by requesting player numbers from each manager prior to starting the game.
  10. We highly recommend that teams sanitize softballs between innings of play.

Harmodon Complex Changes

  1. It is highly recommended that all fans socially distance themselves as family units. Fans should stay away from the dugout and playing area at all times. 
  2. All foods that require or encourage spitting, such as peanuts and sunflower seeds, are prohibited.
  3. Hand sanitizer will be provided by SFMSP to each dugout.
  4. Scoreboards will not be turned on or used.
  5. We highly recommend that people at the complex do not share any items or equipment. We recommend players and fans bring their own food/drinks, chairs, towels, and personal coolers. 
  6. We encourage all attendees of our league’s events to wear personal protection equipment as they see fit. SFMPS will provide PPE to league officials, volunteers and umpires to use.
  7. The City of Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation staff will only mow the fields once a week and will paint the foul lines once per week. Chalking of the diamonds will be coordinated by SFMSP.
  8. The bathrooms on the complex will be cleaned by Parks and Recreation staff once daily. Please use complex bathrooms with respect and care.
  9. Drinking fountains will not be available throughout the season.


League Officials

Jordan Gillis
Board Member / President / Website Administrator
P 605-254-3627
Night:  Wednesday 
Jeff “Buddah” Oltmanns
Board Member / Vice-President / Treasurer
P: 605-929-7859
Night: Thursday
Brad Tyler
Board Member / Vice-President
P: 605-359-2961
Night: Monday
Joshua “40” Folkerts
Board Member / Secretary
P: 605-520-5020
Night: Tuesday