Board Meeting: December 7, 2017

  • Doug is sending a presentation to the city of amount charged for field maintenance. (City is doing a study).
  • Lawyer approved online waiver form with submission of state id as proof of signature.
  • Discussed linking team names with sponsors to their sponsors web sites.
  • Discussed players playing 2 nights next season.
  • Discussed a 14″ league.
  • Discussed and ruled against individual player fees.
  • Worked with Jordan Gillis about a proposed website overhaul including schedule, rosters, scores and standings, news, sign ups and communication.
  • Discussed with city about potential fence signage.
  • Discussed numbers comparing our league to leagues in area in cost and spending comparisons.
  • Discussed a Thursday/Wednesday merger.
  • Proposed a new league format.
  • Reviewed the 50 plus league, games and payment.

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