Jan 24 2020

Sioux Falls Mens Slow Pitch

Board of Directors Meeting

January 24th, 11:30-12:30 Buffalo Wild Wings

In attendance: Jeff Oltmanns (President), Jordan Gillis (Vice President), Brad Tyler (Secretary), Steve Riswold (Vice President)

Voting Process Discussion

Jeff brought up the idea of using a third party to facilitate voting. The board decided we do not want to spend money on that, but we will have player reps help with the process to ensure transparency.

Discussion of Board Member Roles

Board member positions will be decided at the first meeting after the league vote. Current board member positions are listed at top of minutes.


Jeff sent the re-worked bylaws to our lawyer. Once our lawyer approves wording as legally sound we will post the document our website.

Umpire Ad

The board approved the umpire ad to be listed on facebook.

Umpire Pay

Umpire pay and bonuses were discussed.

Signage update

Jeff had a signage update from the Spring Classic Board

Walkie Talkie

The board discussed which walkie talkies will be ordered and how many.

State meeting discussion

The board discussed what we would be bringing up at the State softball meeting on January 25th. Minutes from that meeting will also be posted.