Sioux Falls Mens Slow Pitch

Board of Directors and Player Rep Meeting

January 14th, 6:30 – 8:30pm BB’s Pub and Grille

In attendance: Jeff Oltmanns (President), Jordan Gillis (Vice President), Brad Tyler (Secretary), Steve Riswold (board member), Nate Zacher (Thursday player rep), Nate Olson (Wednesday player rep), Bobby Miles (Tuesday lower player rep), Aaron Bakker (Monday upper player rep), Justin Henning (Monday lower player rep), Duane Boer (50+ player rep)

Absent: Tuesday upper rep (none currently appointed)

End of year report

Discussed the report and gathered feedback, mostly positive

Player Reps

Discussed duties and expectations


Went through rule book and looked at rules that may need changing or rewording. Topics of discussion:

  • Rosters/waivers
  • Protesting games
  • Possible manager suspension if player plays without waiver signed
  • July 1st no moving teams/if player is added they can’t be on playoff roster
  • 50+ league women players allowed
  • Start time stick to 6:30
  • Protests can happen next day instead of first time through lineup
  • Try progressive home run rule in fall ball
  • Profanity rule
  • Beer in dugouts – relax the rule
  • Jersey waivers
  • Bats
  • Balls
  • Moving up/down
  • Rainout procedure
    • Better communication with league via website/slack chat/facebook
  • Playoff in-game rainout rules