Sioux Falls Mens Slow Pitch

Board of Directors Meeting

January 10th, 12 – 2pm Mackensie River

In attendance: Jeff Oltmanns (President), Jordan Gillis (Vice President), Brad Tyler (Secretary)

Absent: Steve Riswold

Synthetic vs Composite Ball

Jeff was asked by a distributor if we would be interested in switching to a composite ball. The board decided if we do try composite it would be during fall ball. Price is roughly the same.

Player Rep Positions

The Board defined the duties of the new player rep positions.

  • Must attend the night they represent regularly.
  • In the event of inclement weather they should be at fields by 5:30 if possible to help assist any decisions.
  • Help with any umpire/team or team/team disputes if available.
  • Help with championship night.
  • Board meetings are optional, with the exception of when the board decides which teams must move up, or grand exceptions to move down.


Season schedule (start date, rain out dates, tourney dates) discussed.

Free agent list

The free agent list was discussed, and has been refreshed for the upcoming year to clear the list of old names.

League/Ump Advertisement

The Board discussed how best to advertise for both the league and to find new umpires. We will be utilizing facebook more this year and their advertising options.

Slack Chat

The league slack chat has had a soft launch. At this point we have included board members and player reps, and soon will invite all league members to join. This is to boost communication from the board to players, as well as player engagement with each other.

Mid-Season Tourney

A tournament to take place mid-season was discussed. The board will have further discussion with the player reps.

Friday Nights

The board has decided to move forward with a proposal to start a “Neighborhood League” on Friday nights. Further details will be discussed with player reps.

Other miscellaneous meetings

  • Dec. 26th the board met with umpires to discuss ways to improve ump numbers
  • Jan. 2nd the board met with Spring Classic Softball Board members to discuss advertisements at the fields.