SFMSP Pre-Season Update – May 22nd

Good afternoon, SFMSP members. Its been a few weeks since the last official update and only until this week has anything really changed.

  • We expect to be able to play all leagues/divisions starting the week of June 1st.
    • The city told us today, short of another covid breakout disaster, the city council will approve this decision May 29th.
  • Here is the official document we sent to the city of Sioux Falls for approval to run our league. SFMSP Covid-19 Proposal
    • This was completely rewritten since the last time based on city of Sioux Falls and USA softball regulations.
    • I believe beyond recommendations for general respect for personal space and basic social distancing rules, the only major difference is prohibiting stolen bases and sunflower seeds.
  • Be an adult, use common sense. We have to follow the rules to continue to play softball this season. Please don’t be the piss in the punch bowl.

I am a manager what do I need to do prior to the first week?

  • All teams need to have arrangements to make or have made a full league payment made prior to play.
    • You can mail payments to: SFMSP PO Box 89936, Sioux Falls, SD 57109
    • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday teams dues are $1,000. Thursday team dues are $1,200.
  • There will be two pre-season ball pickups and payment drops offs the weekend prior to June 1.
    • Location: The Shack on Harmodon
    • Saturday – May 30th from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
    • Sunday – May 31st from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
  • If you cannot attend either of those options, our board members will be out at the diamonds as early as 5:15 PM each of the league nights with the ability to take payments and hand out balls.
    • After 6:15 PM you may need to reach out to the board member directly to find where they’re traveling with the golf cart. Prior to then they should be in the shack.
  • All players on your roster need to have a player waiver signed to be on your roster and eligible to play in our league starting week 1.
  • There is an additional city of Sioux Falls waiver that will also need to be signed by every player. This is unavoidable, new this year, and we’re still working on an easy way to complete this task.
  • Bat checks and stickers will not be happening to start this season. All bats need to be legal bats and have at least the ASA or USA stamp printed on the bat.
  • Remind your team to be patient and be aware of the rules and social distancing policies the league has.

I am a player what do I need to do prior to the first week?

  • Sign your player waiver.
  • Be ready to play as early as June 1st.
  • If you are sick, not feeling well, or have knowingly been exposed to Corona-virus, STAY HOME.
  • Practice social distancing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the season start for my night?
    • All divisions and nights will start the week of June 1st, with the approval from the city of Sioux Falls on May 29th, 2020.
  • When will schedules be released?
    • I hope to have schedules released by the end of next week (May 29th, 2020)
  • When is bat check this year?
    • Immediately to start the year, there will be no bat checks. Its undetermined if that’ll change later into the season as the rules and situation adjusts.
  • Why is there no stealing?
    • USA Softball and our league has come to the conclusion that taking away stealing allows the catcher to position himself further away and also allows the umpire more space to ump from behind the plate. We felt this is better than carpet ball, and or other possible solutions.
  • Will the fields look different this year?
    • We hope not. The city alerted us this week that they will be not be collecting rent on our league for this season. However they also told us that mowing at Harmodon park will occur just once a week, that infields may need additional maintenance including but perhaps not limited to chalking among other details. This news is fluid and we’re gathering details to what we need to do to play this year. We do intend to use some of our savings to pay part time staff to help take care of these duties that the city typically covers.
    • Should we have significant budget left over at the end of the year that will be split and returns to teams accordingly.
  • What happens if the season is shut down early due to a second wave?
    • This is obviously a sensitive situation that could end up out of our control. Should we shut down for any reason or length of time, we will return prorated league fees for the missed games adjusted for fixed costs. It is our intent to play each and every game this season.
  • Can we still sign up?
    • Yes we have room on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday. Sign up today!
  • I’m a player or two short, are there guys available to play?
    • Yes please pick up these wonderful dudes to play this year: FREE AGENT LIST
  • We don’t have jerseys yet, what should we do?
    • We have lifted the restrictions on matching uniforms for the 2020 season. Make sure everyone has a unique number to wear.
  • Can I buy the board a beer?
    • Yes and I’ll give you my personal address if you’re so inclined. Folkerts prefers Diet Mt. Dew. 🙂
  • Can I tell the board how I think they’re doing terrible?
    • Yes, please let us know how we can be doing better. We’re a small board working part time, we need solutions to problems!

Board Officers & Contact Info

Jordan’s Personal Note

This season will be special and unique for all the obvious reasons. I am asking every individual in our league to take it upon themselves to act with respect and responsibility as you arrive onto Harmodon Park. Take care of yourself. We are all volunteering ourselves when we play, watch and participate in our events. Go the extra mile to make it as safe as possible. If you are sick or have been exposed, stay home. Managers if you are a player short due to sickness, ask your board member for a special exemption. These are trying times. We all take softball really seriously for a game. I love that. But, we all have jobs and real lives to worry about off the field. Please respect that. I am available to anyone to has any reason to reach out to me. Email me: sfmsps@gmail.com. Call or text me 605-254-3627. Myself and the entire board has painstakingly navigated a pre-season that is unprecedented in our organizations history. Our goal has always been to play softball. We love it. I believe all four of us, plus our player reps have done their best to do best by the game. Please thank them when you see them. Players please thank your managers for running the team. We lost some teams this year due to various reasons, its a struggle to run a team, they deserve more credit. Please be safe, have fun, and play ball!

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