SFMSP Friday Night Recreational League Proposal

Board Sponsors: Brad Tyler & Jordan Gillis

Mission: To provide session(s) of softball where the stakes are non-competitive that lowers the barrier of entry to the sport by giving a chance to players to be introduced to the sport.


  • Get Friday night softball back for SFMSP at Harmodon Park.
  • Provide a true recreational league.
  • Find seven teams to start the league.

League Proposal

  • Name: SFMSP Friday Night Neighborhood League
  • Cost: $500 per team
  • Six week, 12-game season starting June 5th, 2020.
    • Possible second session starting July 24th, 2020.
  • Rules changes:
    • Pitching screen required.
    • No stealing.
    • 5-run inning cap.
    • Carpet ball
    • Home plate safety bag
    • Jerseys optional
      • Possibly provide our own jerseys.
    • Per Player Fee Setup?
  • Target Audience:
    • Teams and players that are looking to get together as friends and play softball. 
    • Ideally anyone would be welcome to play in this league, with the rules and setup being different from our competitive leagues, that most players would play to have fun over winning. 
    • Brand new teams. Teams that are trying to get into softball for something to do. This can be the gateway for teams that don’t know what they’re capable of to get into the league, and possibly eventually move into a more competitive division if they want to do so.
    • Past players that have stopped playing because of time commitments (kids, work, etc.)
    • The 40+ players on our looking for team board that need a pathway to the league.

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  1. floyd redday - Reply

    just moved to Sioux falls from watertown played ball most of my life im 58 looking to play again still have the skills to play the game so if any one is looking I play all I have just give me a chance

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