Promotion: Boss’ Pizzeria and Sports Bar

Want to see your Name and Team in the bright lights?

Boss’ Pizzeria and Sports Bar on the corner of Russell Street and West Avenue in Sioux Falls has the coolest new concept for sports bars. Inside the bar and outside at the Tiki bar, Boss’ has official Sports Tickers that show scores and notes from around the sports region. Some of the tickers are dedicated to National News from ESPN, but the majority of them are set up for LOCAL SPORTS. It’s a great spot for post-game celebrations, and a chance to see updated news from the game you just played. Simply email any information or just a picture of your book with (first and last) names we can use on the ticker to, and enjoy a few beers while seeing your team and updated stats on the ticker. Just imagine on the ticker…Sioux Falls (NAME HERE) 6, Sioux Falls (NAME HERE) 4…John Smith with a 3-run home run in the fourth inning leads the NAME HERE to the victory. Tony Johnson goes 3-for-3 from the plate with 2 RBI…NAME HERE plays Thursday at 7 p.m. against NAME HERE. It’s totally free. Simply email the results, and bam!…your name is on the ticker, with a few beers to boot!

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  1. Brad Fodness - Reply

    We should also recognize Mark Fonder at the Barrel House. He has been very generous to softball and the kids in our community. Let’s do a spotlight on him. Thanks

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