Off-season Managers Meeting and Board Member Election

Please join us at Morningside Community Center at 6:30-7:30 PM Thursday, November 5th, 2020.

With our 2020 summer and fall seasons coming to a close its time to think ahead to the 2021 season. With that comes a lot of choices, a board election, and time to reflect on 2020 while pushing ahead to 2021. The focus of this first meeting will be presenting and discussing various league agenda and accepting proposals and feedback on potential rule changes. Also there are two board members, Jeff and Bradley who are up for re-election. Anyone interested in running for the board for the three season term may reach out to Jordan Gillis (P 605-254-3627
E: or Joshua Folkerts (P: 605-520-5020 E: with questions. All prospective candidates will be given a place to reach managers via email, website, Slack and our Facebook group.

Meeting Agenda

  • Reviewing the 2020 season
  • 2020 Budget Review
  • Sioux Falls Parks and Rec News
  • Board Election
  • Question & Answer Session
  • Team movement and league placements. Closing the meeting.

Please send a representative for your team if you cannot make it!


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