March 23rd 2020 Pre-season Update

Good afternoon managers, players and fans:

Quick notes:

  • The March 31st managers meeting is cancelled.
  • Ball handout and bat check will be April 15th & 16th most likely at the shack.
  • Second half of season team fees are due by April 16th.
  • Should your team need an extension, you need to make arrangements with the board as soon as possible.
    • We want to work with teams through this team to get everyone going.
  • The season is currently scheduled to start on time the week of April 23rd.
  • You can sign your player waivers now!

We wanted to update everyone quick on on how the SFMSP is and could be affected by the COVID-19 virus. We are following city, state and CDC recommendations as they are given until the threat passes us by. Thus far, Sioux Falls Parks & Rec has made no cancellation or closure of parks, and they don’t have any current plans to do so.

While we all understand that could change, we are still planning as if we can get the season started during the last week of April. There is room in the schedule to push things back a week or two without disrupting much of anything. We will do our best to get out there and play some ball.

We do still need to collect money from teams. Please make arrangements with any of the board members to collect payment. We also accept credit card payments online through Square. Please email if you wish to go that route. Should things turn for the worst in our environment and country and should we lose the softball season, we will refund any money collected back to the teams.

Board Contacts:

Jordan Gillis
P 605-254-3627
Jeff “Buddah” Oltmanns
P: 605-929-7859
Brad Tyler
P: 605-359-2961
Joshua “40” Folkerts
P: 605-520-5020

Thank you for hanging in there with us. We’re still working to get everything going as if nothing was different. The second we hear from the city we will pass along any and all news. Please join our slack channel created for all friends of SFMSP. All of our communication happens there first. Its best to find us there for all various types of chatter.



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