Fallball Champions 2020

Can you believe it. We finished our summer and fall seasons of ball. Seven months ago, we were not even sure we would even get to play. Despite starting fall ball three weeks late, last night ended up being the only chilly one. Granted it was very chilly wet and not ideal. Either way thank you to all the teams that made it out last night and completed our season! We really appreciate our South Dakota teams showing up all season long despite all the elements at play. We are not done in 2020, as our Manager’s meeting is taking place on November 5th. Please feel free to attend or watch (assuming we’re able to live stream).

Congrats to our 2020 Fallball Champions!

Upper Division: Soukup Construction (The Attic runner up)

Lower Division: Betfred (Great Western Bank runner up)

Rec Division: BOMBERS (JackD Up runner up)

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