2020 SFMSP Board Update

Good morning SFMSP,
As you all know our meeting for this Tuesday, March 31st has been canceled.  At that meeting I was going to share some changes to configuration of the board.  Because we will not be meeting, I would like to let you know what those changes are today.  After Josh Folkerts was elected to the board we sat down as team and discussed what everyone’s roles on the board would be as we do each time a new member is elected.  As a result of that meeting the new roles will be:
  • President: Jordan Gillis
  • Vice-President/Treasurer: Jeff Oltmanns
  • Vice President: Brad Tyler
  • Secretary: Josh Folkerts

Please help me welcome and support Jordan and our two new members.   It has been my honor to serve on the Board as the President for 17 years, but it is time for someone else to lead us.  I look forward to assisting all the board members in our new roles and to continue to help improve and grow our league into the future!

Sincerely, Jeff Oltmanns

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  1. Jeff Kayl - Reply

    I’m guessing we won’t be starting April 23rd? What is the thoughts on when we might start?

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