2020 Championship Night Schedule

Good luck to everyone on championship night! Here’s our schedule for the evening.

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Field E 6:30p Monday Upper

  • (1) Bombers vs (7) O.A.

Field F 6:30p Wednesday Upper

  • (5) Sport Bowl vs (6) Central Church

Field H 6:30p Monday Lower

  • (2) High End Glass and Tobacco vs (5) Tinners Drunken Monkeys

Field E 7:30p Wednesday Lower

  • (1) Sioux Glass and Door Ground Zero vs (2) Prunty Construction

Field F 7:30p Tuesday Upper

  • (1) GPAC vs (3) Wrecking Crew

Field H 7:30p Tuesday Lower

  • (1) Average Homes vs (3) BB’s Pub

Field F 8:45p Thursday

  • (1) River Ridge vs (2) MMB/Shenanigans

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