2020 Fallball Rules & Sign Up

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Fallball is back for 2020. Fallball is a six week season playing on Mondays that starts in September and weather permitting should end by October 14th, 2020.

  • $500 entry fee per team (Paid in full by September 8th, 2020)
  • 6 weeks of double headers (12 games)
    • Monday night starts September 14th,  ending October 19th, 2020.
  • Limited to 32 teams. First paid, first served.
  • Four different divisions to choose from (divisions can be requested but will be reviewed by committee to encourage competitive balance).
    • Open: Open rosters, 6 Home Runs
    • Upper: Max 3 Thursday Players, 4 Home Runs
    • Lower: Max 2 Thursday Players, 3 Home Runs
    • Rec: No Thursday Players, 2 Home Runs

Other Notes

  1. Rosters may be copied from summer squads. Players can be added/dropped.
  2. All players who have signed waivers, do not need to sign again.
    1. Players that have not signed, will need to sign the waiver and COVID waiver.
  3. All USA Rules and SF Men’s Slow Pitcher Summer Rules will apply except for those specifically mentioned below.
    1. Each team is provided with 6 Dudley 52 COR/300 compression softballs. Additional purchased balls must be same league approved ball.
    2. All players may bat, but only ten are allowed to play in the field. You must tell the umpire at the beginning of the game how many players you will bat. In case of ejection, you must have an eligible substitute to replace the ejected player to continue play without forfeit.
    3. Females may play in our fall league.
    4. Run Ahead Rules: 15 runs after 3 innings or 10 runs after 5 innings.
    5. There are no playoffs for fall league. Winners in each division will be given awards. Tie breakers will be broken as such:
      1. Head to Head Play
      2. Highest winning percentage among teams tied (3 or more) using the common record among the tied teams.
      3. Run Differential
      4. Coin toss.
    6. Managers running teams below the Open division will put an asterisk (*) by Thursday players that are playing in their line up on the official line up card.
    7. Rain outs will be determined as soon as possible. Please anticipate playing games unless notified. Makeup games, depending on how many are necessary may be played on a Thursday or Friday if necessary. Schedules, news and notes will be on the website https://sfmensslowpitch.com and on our Facebook page.
  4. The Sioux Falls Men’s Slow Pitch League reserves right to alter team’s requested placement to a division that is a fit for competition level.

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