2019 Wednesday Division Playoffs

Wednesday playoffs are scheduled for Wednesday August 14th.

Wednesday’s championship game will be played Tuesday August 20th.

*Match-ups subject to change, game score cards have been wrong before.*

Tie Breakers

1-3 seeds (18-6): Attic/Voegeli/Interstate

  • 1st seed Interstate Batteries (18-6) and 2-0 vs Attic/Voegeli
  • 2nd seed Attic over Voegeli (run differential +129 to +128)
    • Both teams were 1-2 in the group head to head and 6-5 vs playoff teams.

4-5 seeds (15-9): Sport Bowl/Dental Solutions

  • Dental Solutions over Sport Bowl 1-0 in head to head.

6-7 seeds (14-10): Wilcoxon/Corner Pub

  • Wilcoxon over Corner Pub 2-0 in head to head.

8 seed (13-11): Prunty/CarSwap

  • CarSwap over Prunty 2-0 in head to head.



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