Updated Championship Night Schedule

With respect with players being able to play two nights for two different teams and having to deal with rain outs, we have reorganized the championship night schedule to make sure we can have the and highest level of play possible. This means the lower diamonds will be jammed packed with great softball action all night. Below is the revised schedule. All 12 managers and the UIC involved signed off on this plan over the weekend.
Thank you for everyone who reached out and voiced their concerns and criticisms and to those who brought good ideas to help us sort this out. Between the chaos of trying to reschedule games and fit it into our championship night, we failed to see a better solution until one was pointed out to us by Derrick Lonas.

New game schedule:

6:30 PM

  • F – Crow Bar/ RPS Urban Chislic
  • H – 605/Deville Wagner
  • E – Tuesday Lower Championship (Furguson/Wrecking Crew)

7:20 PM

  • F – Winner of F game/The Pack
  • H – Winner of H game/River Ridge
  • E – Tuesday Upper (DK Photography/Kekembas)
  • G – Monday Lower (JackD Up M/Swamp Donkeys) (use upper field if sun is bad??)

8:10 PM

  • H – Wednesday Championship (Interstate Batteries/Voegeli Construction)
  • F – Monday Upper Championship (GPAC/Crow Bar)


  • F – Championship Thursday Game

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