Umpires Needed:

This is a part time job that pays well and you are out on a softball field enjoying the outdoors and getting paid for being there.

Experience: None needed, you will receive on-the-job training by an experienced umpire.

Pay is $17 a game and you will work 3 – 4 games in a night.

You can work one night a week or up to four nights a week, with a 15 week schedule you could earn up to $1000 for 15 nights of work.

You would have an initial cost of $55 for registration (which can be taken out of your check) and to purchase some umpire equipment.

This can be a fun job and most players appreciate you being on the field for them.

Please contact Chuck at 605-270-2879 or

Men’s UIC – Chuck Buchheim
email –
cell  605-270-2879

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