It’s unfortunate when rain and weather interferes with our games, but it happens. Our rules, as found on our website, are written to address cases like this:

“Once a game has started, the umpire in chief, his designated alternate or the league director on duty will decide whether games will be continued. Once a game has been called for the night, all other games are considered canceled. A game will be considered official after four innings, or if the home team is ahead after three and one-half innings. If teams are in the middle of an inning when canceled, the score will revert back to the last complete inning. If the score is tied after the fourth inning or later, the game will be picked up where it left off. If a game did not complete four innings, it will start over with a new coin flip.”

Unfortunately, the weather affected all four games of the second round of the playoffs last night. Two games are cancelled and will be replayed from the start; these two games are Deville Wagner/605 and Urban Chislic/Crowbar. The other two games were both into the 5th inning and, according to the rules, have conclusions, with River Ridge winning over JT Fitlife 5-3 and The Pack over Tryon 15-5.

The games and brackets have been updated and rescheduled. Thursday playoffs will continue on the upper diamonds this Tuesday with their championship occurring roughly at the same time Tuesday night.
Please reach out to a board member with questions or concerns.

Thank you,

2019 Thursday Division Playoffs

Thursday playoffs are scheduled for Thursday August 15th.

Thursday’s championship game will be played Tuesday August 20th.

*Match-ups subject to change, game score cards have been wrong before.*

Tie Breakers

  • 6 seed: Deville over JT | 2-1 head to head
  • 8 seed: Crow Bar over Principal | 2-1 head to head
  • 10 seed: SF Storm over Elite | 2-1 head to head


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