Summer League Playoffs
Playoffs are coming up. As of right now, playoffs are schedule to be:
Our championship night is planned to be Tuesday August 20th.
Last call to get waivers in, playoff players, if you don’t have a waiver signed, you could cost your team a playoff game. Manager’s get your players to sign their waiver here:
If you have issues signing your waiver please reach out to me.
Per league rules, playoffs will be a single elimination, 8 team tournament for each division. Tie-breakers for two team ties will be decided by head to head competition. Tie-breaker for three or more teams are decided in this order:
  1. Head to head competition.
  2. Best winning % vs all playoff teams.
  3. Run differential
  4. A coin toss.
Softballs will be provided by the league for playoffs. If you have any questions about playoffs or championship night, please reach out to me.

Championship Night – August 20th
6:30 Field F Wednesday
6:30 Field E Tuesday Lower
6:30 Field H Tuesday Upper
7:30 Field E Monday Lower
7:30 Field H Monday Upper
8:30 Field F Thursday
Championship night is open to everyone to come and watch. Stay tuned for more news about the event. We are looking for volunteers to help us with a few things that we are cooking up. If you’re interested please reach out to Jordan Gillis (605-254-3627) or Jeff (Buddha) Oltmanns (605-929-7859).
Fall Ball – Spots are filling up!

Hey guys, just a heads up that is now time to sign up your team for our fall ball season. More details can be found on our website here:
If you have any questions about fall ball, please reach out to me.
Manager of the Year Awards
Be on the lookout again as we will be having manager of the year award voting again. We want to recognize the hard work that each manager puts in by allowing them to choose a peer in their division to make manager of the year. Those emails and ballots will be coming out soon.
Thank you, and always if you have any questions, comments, concerns please reach out to me.

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