2019’s Second Manager’s Meeting is THIS Week

February 28th – 7:00pm

Please join us at Shenanigans Sports Bar & Grill
1903 S Ellis Rd, Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Meeting Agenda

  • Collecting first half of league fees.
    • $500 due for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday teams.
    • $600 due for Thursday teams.
  • Updates on the league.
  • Finalized league placements.
  • Board member vote.
    • Managers are allowed one vote per team. A team representative can be sent to vote.
  • Closing the meeting.

Please send a representative for your team if you cannot make it!
Please check out each of the candidates below.

Jeff Oltmanns

Hello gentlemen, I just wanted to let you know that I will be running for the Men’s Slowpitch board again this year as I am up for reelection.

It has been a pleasure to serve on the board for 15 years as the President.  That sounds like a long time and it is but make no mistake, I still have the desire and passion to serve and help our league grow and prosper!

I am a motivated individual, including starting and running my own successful small business, Elite Lawn Care.  I also have 20 years of management experience working for Target Corporation. Owning my own business is very helpful when it comes to assisting in running the league.   I set my own schedule and can meet on anything at any time. In fact I contact a lot of our teams and managers during a normal business day to discuss their concerns and I try to help them resolve those concerns.  Also running my own business helps give the knowledge on our financial situation each year as the league is its own small business.

With our survey coming out earlier this year I feel we took huge steps as a league to listen to you and in my opinion we listened to the overall message and as a result made some great changes to the league format!  The following are some of the other things that I would like to push forward in my next couple of years on the board:

Fees: Do not raise them going forward and actually drop them if at all possible?

Recruit new young teams:  We have partnered with Augie, USF, USD and SDSU’s athletic departments to get the word out on our league.  We have 2 young teams coming in this year already.

Wall of Fame:  Having pictures and small bios in our office of past players and important people in our league.

SD Hall of Fame: We, as league and community need to elect past players, managers and board member’s .  There have been way too many talented people in our league over the years and they need to be recognized!

Canopy campaign: You will see us doing some fundraising things over the next few years and also, with the changes we’ve made to our budget our goal will be to have canopies over the entire bleacher area in the next five years.  You will know where any extra money is going, it will be to this cause. We will also ask for partnership from, coed and youth leagues to help with this.

Thank you for your time and consideration of having me as a board member again this year!  It has been a Great ride so far and I would love for it to continue!

Sincerely, Jeff Oltmanns (Buddha)

Doug Wagner

I’m Doug Wagner. I’ve been treasure of the SF Men’s Slowpitch League for many years. One thing that everyone needs to know with the treasurer position is that this organization is a business. I feel I’ve done a very good job of keeping the league running in the black over these years. A lot of this position is kind of done “behind the scenes”. Regardless if it’s me or someone else, in this position, i Feel it should be someone with some accounting background. The position is one that requires year round work. There are always bills to be paid, money to be collected, etc. In addition to this, you must do proper and timely filing with all IRS forms and other non profit government forms at different times of the year.

I’ve see a lot with things over the years with being a board member, player and coach. The league and gone thru a lot of changes, some good and some that I haven’t agreed to be good. One of the biggest things with the league is that people need to understand that this is adult recreational softball. It’s a chance to get away from everyday life for a couple of hours, hang out with friends and maybe have a couple of beers.

I’ve enjoyed the time and many friendships that I’ve developed over the years of being involved in the league and look forward to continuing as treasurer and working on trying to improve and grow the league if the members of the league wish to have me do so.

Thank you, Doug Wagner.

Brad Tyler

My name is Brad Tyler and I have been playing softball in Sioux Falls my entire life. This will be my 16th season in men’s slow pitch and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Now, to the point – here’s what I would like to bring to the table if you allow me to represent you on the board:

  1. Board transparency

    1. In the past everyone just put in their money and trusted everything was taken care of efficiently by the board. With league fees going up, I think the players of the league deserve to see where their money is going.

    2. I would like to see the board set goals in relation to league growth, and a timeline for getting Friday nights up and going again.

  2. More player and manager input

    1. Everyone has ideas. This last year seemed like the first time the board wanted to hear any of those ideas when they sent out that email survey. I want more of that, and I would always be open to hearing ideas.

    2. I would like to essentially give everyone a seat at the table. If you have an idea it should be heard, and we can make our league better together.

  3. League growth

    1. This is my biggest worry for our league, and we have to do something to grow our league now. We have gone from over 130 teams down to around 90. We must find new and creative ways to market our league to get younger teams in.

    2. Part of this comes back to finances, and the positive steps our board took last year will allow us to do things to invest in younger teams and get them loving the same sport we all do.

Along with these, I have a few other ideas that I will explain a little more at the meeting Thursday.

Have a great day, Brad Tyler

Josh Dougherty

Military Veteran who’s 2nd religion is softball. I aim to bring more teams to the league and make it more fun with mid season events. Also trying to lower team fees by taking in big sponsors. Time to Make Softball Great Again. Please vote for JD.

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