2019 Sioux Falls Mens Slow Pitch Managers Checklist

  • Have online roster completed with a minimum of 10 players.
  • Have each player on your roster sign the online waiver.
  • Have your 2019 league dues paid up
    • $1,000 for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday teams.
    • $1,200 for Thursday team.
  • Have all of your team’s bats ready to be checked and stickered. Its more difficult during the regular season.
  • Show up to either of the league check in nights at Harmodon League Office to receive softballs, schedule, score book, rule book and uniform waivers.

League Check in Nights at Harmodon League Office

  1. Wednesday, April 17th 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
  2. Thursday, April 18th 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Roster Instructions

  • View your online roster by going to our player database and searching for your team.
  • Make sure all of your players have signed the player waiver by signing it here.
    • Once a player signs the waiver, they will be added to your roster. If you’re a player needing to be added to a second roster, fill out the add a player form to declare your secondary team.
    • To release a player from your roster, use the release form.

Reach out to Jordan Gillis sfmsps@gmail.com for any team administration needs, including team name changes.

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  1. Jason Madsen - Reply

    There is a release form that the team has to sign in order to release a player from your roster? Is this new? It’s never been needed before.

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