2019’s Second Manager’s Meeting is Next Week

February 28th – 7:00pm

Please join us at Shenanigans Sports Bar & Grill
1903 S Ellis Rd, Sioux Falls, SD 57106

2019 League Meeting Schedule

Tentatively all meetings will be held at Shenanigans Bar and Grill:

  • Thursday, February 28th, 2019 – 7pm – First half of league fees due.
    • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday teams owe first $500.
    • Thursday teams owe first $600.
  • Thursday, March 28th, 2019 – 7pm – Second half of league fees due.
    • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday teams owe second $500.
    • Thursday teams owe second $600.


  • Updates on the league.
  • Finalized league placements.
  • Board member vote.
    • Manager’s are allowed one vote per team, a team representative can be sent to vote.
    • If you’re planning on running for this year’s board election please be present. Also please email sfmsps@gmail.com an self-introductory piece that I’ll publish next week so manager’s can get to know everyone who is running.
  • Question and answer session.

All meetings are mandatory for managers, but open to public.

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