April 21: 3rd Annual Elite Softball Fundraiser Early Bird in Sioux Falls, SD – Flyer

The 3rd Annual Elite Softball Fundraiser Early Bird in Sioux Falls has started filling up with 12 of the 20 limited spots already taken.

  • Entry Fee: 200.00, Due by 4/14/18
  • Tourney Director: Jeff Oltmanns, 605-929-7859
  • Checks payable to: Elite Tourney, send to 800 S. Tayberry Ave. S.F., SD 57106
  • First 20 teams only! 4 games for each team, round robin style for each division.
  • Pay outs: This is a fundraiser for our team, prizes as follows:
    • The winners in each division will be awarded a rather large trophy!
    • We will vote on an MVP for each division and the winner will receive a blanket with a USA theme. Stitching will say 2018 Elite Tourney MVP, Division 1,2,3 or 4.
    • We award the player with the highest batting average in each division a plaque highlighting their accomplishments.
    • We will also vote on the best defensive player in each division and they will receive an award as well.
    • Prizes may be added as well?
  • USA Sanctioned: With one Umpire per field!
  • Divisions:
    • Friday/ Monday Lower (4)
    • Monday Upper/Tuesday Lower (3)
    • Tuesday Upper/Wed(2)
    • Thursdays(1)
  • Out of towns teams welcome!

If you have a tournament that you’d like featured on our front page, please provide extra information and details to our email sfmsps@gmail.com!

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