August 7th – Favorites were hot last night in both the Tuesday Upper and Tuesday Lower divisions. Championship night will feature both the 1 and 2 seeds from the regular season for both divisions. Be sure to check out those championship match ups on Tuesday August 21st, 2018 at 7:30 PM on fields E and H.

Tuesday Upper Playoffs

The first round only featured one upset when Soukup Construction beat number three seed Stubbies with a score of 12 to 6. Voegeli Construction topped Big Styx 12 to 11. Wasted Talent wasted no time taking care of business beating Octane Softball 19 to 4. Finally top seeded Coast to Coast out lasted Shenanigans 11 to 6.

Coast to Coast in the second round held on until the very end winning a close one over Voegeli Construction 20 to 19. They will face off against Wasted Talent who beat Soukup Construction 10 to 3.

Tuesday Lower Playoffs

In the lower division, Corner Pub ten runned Shiner 17 to 7. BB’s Pub breezed by Buffalo Wild Wings 11 to 1. Kekambas provided the lone upset of the bracket winning 8 to 4 over Barrel House. And Mini Critter Scorpions skated by the seat of their pants over Bankers 5 to 4. The second round featured a pair of one run victories with Corner Pub outlasting BB’s 15 to 14. Mini Critter Scorpions beat Kekambas 9 to 8.

Be sure to come out Tuesday August 21st for our Championship night which will feature both championship games from these two brackets plus all the other championship games for the rest of the league. Championship night starts at 6:30 PM, come and join us for a beer at the league shack around 8PM for the Thursday night championship game.

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