With the end of the 2018 summer season we are introducing awards for Manager of the Year. The Manager of the Year Award will be awarded to each Men’s division for the 2018 season. Each award will be voted on my managers from each of the teams, umpires, and league board members.

The award was created to acknowledge and bring attention to the best managers in our league lead by example with good sportsmanship. They are gentlemen towards other teams, umpires and officials. These managers play by and respect the rules. Finally they represent and advocate for the league to the highest degree both on and off the field.

Winners of the Manager of the Year Award will receive a $25 gift card as a thank you from the league.

Ballots for the manager of the year will be emailed out to the parties who get to vote this week. Awards and recognition will be announced at our Championship night August 21st, 2018. Join us for Championship night even if you’re not playing, games start at 6:30 PM and feel free to stop by the shack for a beer at 8 PM before the Thursday night championship.

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