The league enjoyed eight championship games last night that featured some of the best weather we have had all summer. The crowds were large for the summer season end and in the end eight champions were crowned.

Congrats to the champions!

  • Thursday: River Ridge 16 – Gateway – RPS Painting 10
  • Wednesday: Interstate Batteries 15 – Howe Electric 12
  • Tuesday Upper: Coast2Coast 16 – Wasted Talent 13
  • Tuesday Lower: Mini Critter Scorpions 16 – Corner Pub/Lawn & Snow Co 11
  • Monday Upper: The Deuce 11 – CarSwap 3
  • Monday Lower: The Rush 17 – Longview Tax Solutions 4
  • Friday Upper: Frozen Ropes 13 – Prairie Tickets 12
  • Friday Lower: Archer Rebuilders 14 – BarCode 11

Photos from last night:

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  1. Scott M Feiner - Reply

    Longview Tax Solutions was 2nd place Monday Lower not Paradise Casino, Pleas correct this on web page.

    Thank you,

    Scott Feiner
    Partner, Longview Tax Solutions

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