Thank you everyone who participated and encouraged other to participate in the survey. We received amazing feedback and criticism from 260 submissions! The board is meeting before Christmas to set dates for manager’s meetings and to discuss these results and potential changes.

We will be in touch via the website and Facebook with any calendar notes. If you have any extra comments that you would like considered please email us at

How long have you played in our league?

0-3 seasons 51
4-6 seasons 59
7-10 seasons 65
11-15 seasons 42
16+ seasons 41

How do you feel about a potential flip flop rule if the home team is down by X runs after 6, that the final inning flips (so the home team bats through 3 outs twice in a row), to potentially speed games up.

Against – 1 109
2 39
3 45
4 33
For – 5 31

How do you feel about a potential player fee paid to the league to help offset the team fee to the league?

Against – 1 103
2 32
3 72
4 26
For – 5 23

How do you feel about potentially switching to a split season format where teams potentially move up/down (within the same night) half way through the season?

Against – 1 34
2 25
3 70
4 65
For – 5 64

If there were more schedule league events at community friendly venues, would you attend?

Against – 1 15
2 39
3 110
4 60
For – 5 33

How do you feel about the new rule that allowed players to play on two teams with limitations?

Against – 1 43
2 24
3 43
4 64
For – 5 84

Currently we have a two umpire system. Most leagues in the area do not. Switching to a one umpire system would save each team roughly $100. Lean 5 for staying with 2 umpires, lean 1 for switching to a 1 umpire system.

Switch to One Ump- 1 61
2 29
3 31
4 34
Stay with 2 Ump – 5 102

There have been suggestions of switching to a progressive HR limit, where after a certain amount of home runs, teams can progressively hit more if the other team also hits home runs.

Against – 1 38
2 18
3 41
4 47
For – 5 112

Player statistics potentially on the website

I don’t care. 88
I would visit and like to see stats on the website. 80
I do not want stats on the website. 35
I would visit and like to see stats on the website., I would definitely enter my teams stats on the website. 21
I would definitely enter my teams stats on the website. 16

Preferred way of communication from the league

Website 169
Facebook 129
Text 115
Slack/GroupMe 26
Twitter 21
Email 15

Currently for potential weather issues, we wait for the last possible minute to attempt to play games as schedule. Do you…

I prefer to have a set time where games get called off/on, just make a decision and move on. 152
I prefer to play games if possible, wait as long as you can to call them. 74
I would prefer less game get called off, if the city lets us play, let’s play. 48
I would prefer more games to get called off due to cold/wet, knowing that there’s risk of NOT being able to reschedule those games. 24

Currently we hand out trophies, plaques and shirts as prizes to top finishing teams…

I like being able to receive these prizes. 118
I prefer trophies over plaques. 47
I prefer plaques over trophies. 33
I like the shirts. 122
I don’t like the shirts. 14
I don’t know what, but I prefer something else. 13

Currently we have 8 divisions playing over 5 nights. Division size ranging from 6 teams to 16 teams.

I prefer playing on a full night to not have to play the same team multiple times. 96
I don’t mind playing in small divisions to keep competitive balance. 79
I would support moving up a division if the schedule was weighted for competitive balance. 74
I want to stay in my division on my night, no matter what. 37
I’d play on a bigger night if the odds of winning prizes were better. 16

If every team paid in an extra $100 into a division prize pool, that would be 100% paid back out at the end of year division tournament that we expanded to fit all teams. For example in 16 team division there would be $1,600 split and paid out in total.

I would be very against this. 58
I support only if the tournament was single elimination. 8
I support only if the tournament was double elimination 88
If we did it, I would prefer money prize to be spread amongst top half of finishing teams. 32
If we did it, I would prefer money prize to be spread among top quarter of finishing teams. 84
If we did it, I would prefer winner take all. 18

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