There has a been a flurry of positive feedback and questions regarding the recent rule change to allow players to play two different nights for the summer session this year. Rosters this year are being kept in an online database that is accessible by anyone with a phone that can pull up this website. This allows the league, managers and players to quickly reference rosters to ensure integrity on the field of play. In fact last years rosters are have been transcribed already into a database to serve the league. The database is searchable by night, team, name. In the unfortunate case of handling a dispute, the conflict can be resolved quickly.

For players playing two nights there will be strict restrictions.

Players will now be able to play 2 nights. Friday, Monday and Tuesday players may play a 2nd night on Wednesday or Thursday. Wednesday players can play a 2nd night on Thursday. With limits Thursday players can play on Wednesday. Limits and more information about this rule change will come soon.

  1. Wednesday night rosters for adding/dropping Thursday players will lock on June 1st, 2018.
  2. Limits for Wednesdays: one A player, two B players, four C players, any amount of D or E players allowed.
  3. With the new player databases and easy access to rosters, any player caught playing more than 2 nights or attempting to circumvent these rules will be reviewed by the league board and subject to suspension.

We will be using last year’s rosters to determine your primary night for this season. Here are some examples.

  • If you were on a Wednesday or Thursday roster for 2017, this year you can play on two teams, Wednesday and Thursday nights.
  • If you were on any other roster for 2017, this year you can play on two teams, with your second team being a Wednesday or Thursday team.

The league board reserves right to review and make final decisions on all rosters to ensure integrity and fair play competition.

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    • Jason - Reply

      Thank you! That means a lot to hear positive feedback on ideas we are coming up with that we feel are for making the league more fun for everyone.

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