Thank you to everyone who showed up to our June mid-season meeting. There was a lot of good discussions that will be brought up again and fleshed out over the off-season. Some of the major topics brought up include:

  • Manager of the Year awards.
  • Extra home runs on lower nights.
  • More flexibility on players playing 2 nights.

There’s always room for more discussion, rule changes and ideas to help promote, develop and grow our league. Please feel free to submit your ideas, opinions and comments to us at anytime using our contact us form. We review every comment that comes through. These meetings and emails are the best way to present ideas. We do love talking to people while we’re at the field, but it’s not the best avenue for getting your feelings out if you want change.

Rain out Make Up Dates (updated in the interactive schedule links)

Full nights

  • Monday 6/25 to Monday 7/30
  • Wednesday 6/20 to Wednesday 8/8
  • Thursday 6/21 to Thursday 8/9
  • Friday 5/11 (last two games) to Friday 8/10 at 6:30 and 7:30

Single Games

  • Monday 4/30 Lower (Pocket vs. Rush) to 7/16 Diamond F at 9:00pm
  • Monday 4/30 Upper (Wheel City vs. Deuce) to Monday 7/30 Diamond G at 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday 5/1 Lower (American Bank & Trust vs. BWW) to Tuesday 7/17 Diamond D at 9:00 pm

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