Thank you everyone who attended last night’s meeting. For those who didn’t make it, here are the general talking points. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please reach out to us.

  1. Sign ups and payments were taken. If you were unable to attend and have payment ready please reach out to Jeff Oltmanns call/txt 605.929.7859.
  2. The Friday one-pitch league was discussed again. It looks to start in June for a 6 week season. Teams will be $450. Anyone can play, jerseys are not required.
  3. Managers are responsible for members of their teams. There will be a continued effort to keep games fun and friendly. Its the manager’s responsibility to take concerns about game play to the umpire. If players get out of hand and are asked to leave the facility, its the manager’s responsibility to see that player out, otherwise both the player and manager can be held accountable for potential suspension.
  4. Our tournaments page has an extensive list of tournaments already available. If you have another tournament you’d like added to the list please submit a tournament.
  5. The final league meeting will be March 29th at 7:00pm at the Morningside Community Center. Full league payments are due. The meeting will feature updates about the 2018 season.
  6. Chuck and Riz announced that there are no major new rule changes from USA Softball.
  7. If you’re looking for players or a player looking for a team please know that interested players are signing up and that teams are actively looking at these lists to find players.
  8. There was continued discussion about players playing two nights. The rules remain the same from the previous meeting. Players who are caught gaming the system will be dealt with by the league board. Reminder for players who want to start a second team on Wednesday or Thursdays will get a $200 discount on team fees.
  9. Please have your players begin filling out player waivers!
  10. It is also time to start filling out your team’s rosters here. You can submit this form multiple times.
  11. The league is looking at the last week of April for a potential season start date. More information on that will come soon.
  12. The deadline to guarantee your team’s division has passed. March 15th is tentatively the date we’ll have divisions set.
  13. Over 90 teams have signed up already, and the remaining teams from last year were reached out to last year. The theme for why some teams/managers aren’t returning is just the burden that being a manager is. The league is trying to ease the burden with the website and tools for managers, but time was taken to remind players to thank and offer help to their managers to keep teams together.
  14. An election was held for the open board position. Jordan Gillis was elected to the open position. Jordan’s managed the website since January 2018 and will continue to do so along with other board duties. He can be reached via email or call/text: 605.254.3627.

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