Thank you everyone who attended last night’s meeting. For those who didn’t make it, here are the general talking points. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please reach out to us.

  1. Discussed possible advertisement signing for Harmadon complex.
  2. League Board conducted market research to compare our league to others in the area in terms of fees and costs.
  3. Individual player fees were discussed and voted against.
  4. Players will now be able to play 2 nights. Friday, Monday and Tuesday players may play a 2nd night on Wednesday or Thursday. Wednesday players can play a 2nd night on Thursday. With limits Thursday players can play on Wednesday. Limits and more information about this rule change will come soon.
    1. Wednesday night rosters for adding/dropping Thursday players will lock on June 1st, 2018.
    2. Limits for Wednesdays: one A player, two B players, four C players, any amount of D or E players allowed.
    3. With the new player databases and easy access to rosters, any player caught playing more than 2 nights or attempting to circumvent these rules will be punished.
  5. We are changing the rule that allows teams who are supposed to move up to a higher division. Based on your 2017 record, if you’re supposed to move up the team split is down from 5 players to 3 players.
  6. We will be asking the top 4 teams from each division based on record, to move up. This rule will be revisited next year.
  7. Discussions occurred about a potential new league format starting in 2019: Proposed a Spring League of 16 games with tournament, followed by a Summer League of 16 games with an end of season tournament. This remains in discussion.
  8. We inquired the room for other potential rule changes, but none were presented. If you have potential rule changes for consideration please contact us.
  9. The new website was discussed and presented. The league intends to go fully digital for easier organization and record keeping.
    1. New team sign up form.
    2. New roster submission form.
    3. New player waiver form.
    4. New player database. Along with 2017’s database.
  10. Teams need to register for the upcoming summer season by March 1st, 2018 to reserve their spot/night from last year.
  11. Mentioned the new looking for team and find a player pages on the website.
  12. Communication about league meeting went out this year to players and managers to help generate discussion and ensure teams had at least one representative at the mandatory league meetings.
  13. League fees for 2018 will stay the same. $1,000 for Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday teams. $1,200 for Thursday teams. Any manager that puts a 2nd team on Wednesday or Thursday nights will receive $200 off their fee for the second team.
  14. 2018 will feature a new one pitch, carpet, one ump league on Fridays. It’s competitive/open. 6 weeks. 12 games for $450. This league is separate from our Friday night league. Look for the season to begin in June.
  15. Next meeting is March 1st and Morningside Community Center. First half league fees will be due at that time. There is also one board spot up for election. At least 51% of our managers from last year’s summer teams or their proxy will need to be present to conduct the election.
  16. Reach out to Chuck Buchheim if you’re interested in umpiring in 2018.
  17. Final year end numbers for 2017 were presented to everyone at the meeting.
  18. Tournaments in 2018 were discussed and presented. If you have a tournament not listed, please submit it.

Again thank you everyone for attending. If you have any reason to reach out to the board, reach out to Buddha directly or contact us through the website.

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